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Apparently, there are several ways to skin a cat… Likewise there are several ways to get the building on the site. We are a solution  focussed company and work with the Building Designer in order to arrive at effective engineering solutions, that meet their client’s needs, facilitating the construction process.


Stuart Docherty commenced the operation of N12 Engineers on the Sunshine Coast in 2008. In the 12 years preceding Stuart refined his structural design experience at several design offices in South East Queensland.

Prior to gaining an honours degree in Civil Engineering Stuart worked as a carpenter, his apprenticeship evolving from school holiday jobs labouring on building sites in the late '70s (where frequent breaks were preceded by sliding his cramped hands off the end of the mattock...)

N12 Engineers use analysis software as determined by the needs of the project and documentation is CAD based, communication and document transfer with clients and consultants can occur swiftly via the internet.

Stuart is a member of the Board of Professional Engineers in QLD and the Earth Building Association of Australia.

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